There are many creative ways that you can utilise the outdoor space that you have at home.

One of the many options that we can provide as part of our service is pergolas. A pergola for your yard can be a fantastic option for many reasons, it’s flexible, great for outdoor entertainment and takes far less time and effort to build, as it doesn’t need to be matched to any already standing structures. With both design and building as part of the pergola services that we offer, all you need to get the perfect pergola for your outdoor space is our team.


Pergolas are another outdoor structure that we specialise in both designing and building. Unlike patios, pergolas are stand alone structures, often made a timber. The open aired nature of these type of structures is often why they make great outdoor entertainment spaces. They can also be a great option if you have a significant outdoor space and aren’t sure how to make the most of it. That’s because, unlike many other options, a pergola can be built almost anywhere in your backyard, as it doesn’t have to be a part of any existing structures.

Pergola Designs

Your requirements and the space that you have to work with in your backyard will always be unique. And you really need a service that takes this into account. It’s no good choosing any service that provides generic, one fits all options. That’s not something that our service ever does. Our experience and expertise when it comes to pergola designs means that we can help you design and build a pergola that’s just the right fit for the space that you have, as well as any other requirements that you might have. This is the best way to make sure that you get the most out of your new pergola.

Comfortable Outdoor Space

A pergola provides you with a comfortable, secluded and peaceful outdoor space that’s perfect for the Gold Coast conditions. The open air nature of this type of structure means it won’t ever become humid or hot, as it allows for a breeze to pass through. This means that a pergola can be a great entertainment area for large groups or house parties. So, if you love to entertain a pergola is a fantastic option. They can also be easily customised in a number of ways to better suit your home or entertainment needs.

Perfect for Any Space

With our expertise when it comes to pergola design, you can get a pergola that’s always just right, no matter the space that you have. You might think that having limited space in your backyard can limit what you can achieve, but this doesn’t have to be the case. We can design a pergola that’s just right for the space that you have, so you can get an outdoor entertainment area no matter what. There’s nothing that needs to stop you really getting the most out of whatever outdoor space you happen to have.

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